Beginning ReSharper

I’ve been using ReSharper for nearly 2 1/2 years now and I can’t imagine trying to program without it.  However, one of the greatest challenges to being productive with ReSharper is learning the daunting list of keys.  Many of the Resharper features are highly discoverable using visual indicators such as icons “squiggly” lines but most refactoring and navigation activities require memorizing numerous key presses….or does it?

Refactor This

There are dozens of key presses used for Navigating and Refactoring your code and many are only valid in certain contexts.  For Example, it doesn’t make sense to attempt the Introduce Variable (Ctrl+Alt+V) refactor when your cursor is on a method signature.  Fortunately, ReSharper has an aggregate key press that will show you all of the refactorings appropriate for the current context. 


You no longer have to remember that Ctrl+F6 allows you to change a method signature you simply remember to press  Ctrl+Shift+R and select the Change Signature refactor.


As you can see “Refactor This” shows all the refactorings appropriate for the current context but it also includes the key presses for the ones that have mappings.  As you find yourself using certain items over and over you will slowly remember those keys and learn them at your own pace.  Furthermore, those refactorings that do not have a mapping are still available using this aggregate key. I often use “Pull Members Up” to “pull” a new method into the class’s Interface saving me time from the tedious cut and paste. This is a huge win for discoverability as I would never have known this refactoring existed without “Refactor This”.

Navigate From Here

ReSharper offers an aggregation key for Navigating your code that is just as powerful as Refactor This.




Using these two keys you gain access to most of what ReSharper has to offer and allows you to discover which Refactoring and Navigation features you like most, without the hassle of learning everything first. 

Now What

When beginning ReSharper there are a few steps I highly recommend.

  1. Download the ReSharper Key Map file
  2. Print the Key Map and hang it near your monitor where you can easily find it
  3. Highlight the “Navigation From Here” and “Refactor This” keys
  4. Highlight a few other important keys so you can quickly locate them when needed


Below is a link to the ReSharper map containing keys I find most useful highlighted for you.


One Comment

  • Jeff Odell says:

    I see you went over to the "dark side" :> With those two keys, I only need about 5 total to use ReSharper effectively.