Top Developer Podcasts Part II

It’s been six months since my previous article “10 Podcasts Every Developer Should Listen To” so I thought I would do a follow up article outlining some of the new quality podcasts available to developers.

Alt.Net Podcast Good quality weekly podcast covering topics like adopting Agile, Dependency Injection and Continuous Integration
The Java Pose Helps to keep me informed of the innovations happening in the Java world and you get a catchy intro tune for free. 
The Thirsty Developer A weekly podcast covering a wide variety of .NET topics like SCRUM, Continuous Integration, Cyclomatic Complexity and Silverlight 2. 
Parlays Good architecture podcast with a wide variety of topics that focus on Java, Google and Apple. 
Radio TFS Excellent podcast on all things Team Foundation Server.  Highly recommended if you use or plan to use TFS
ThoughtWorks – IT Matters Discusses the business and technology issues facing the IT Industry with occasional appearances from people like Martin Fowler.
Deep Fired Bytes Despite the unhealthy name of this podcast it covers a healthy variety of IT Topics.


If I’ve missed any developer related podcasts that you find helpful please let me know.

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  • R. Lawson says:

    Wow, you really wimped out this time. Threw a few Java links in there so you wouldn’t get the "Java’s a language too" snivels. LOL. Great links.

    You might enjoy this.

    I once met a Java (1)________ at a (2)________ in (3)__________. His (4)_________ was (5)_________ and he (6)_______ like (7)________.

    1. Adjective:
    2. Noun:
    3. Place:
    4. Noun:
    5. Adjective:
    7. Verb:
    8. Adjective: